We believe a strong relationship between the designer and client helps to create
intelligent and effective designs that make a lasting impression


Applying the fundamentals of good design to the world of gaming and esports.

As lovers of both design and gaming, we aim to use our experience and passion to take a personal approach to every project. As such, all projects are worked on collaboratively for the best result each time. We aim to take the fundamentals of good design and apply them to the world of gaming and esports.

As a self taught designer, Dan has five years of professional experience and specializes in branding strategy and logo design. He has worked with clients of all sizes and has an extensive knowledge in the gaming and professional esports industries.

JD is an award-winning designer, brand strategist, and educator with an expertise in traditional and new media with a specialty in the broadcast industry. He has worked for stations like MTV, WGN America, PIX11, WSFL and DC50. In the last 10 years, he’s helped to successfully relaunch and rebrand several network stations as well as introduce original programming content. His work has been recognized by national and international organizations such as PromaxBDA, Marcom, Hermes and the Emmy’s.